Nezumi Bancho

Monkey lately keeps calling me “Nezumi (Rat) Bancho (thuggish boss of ruffians)” because of my way of talking in Japanese, which is pretty boorish and full of swear words used by ordinary street thugs.

Apparently, when people imagine him having a Japanese wife, they picture someone who fits one of these 4 stereotypes (from left to right, the Virgin-Maid Cafe type, the Sadist cool queen type, the healing calm maiden type, and the active, sporty “gal” type)…

Les femmes japonaises

And they’re kind of…surprised? dismayed? when they learn my general way of speaking in Japanese is more like this
Kuze Daisaku, the manly-man from Yakuza 0, one of my favourite video games. 

In light of that moniker, I decided to draw that “Nezumi Bancho” on my tablet….


nezumi bancho7
Nezumi Bancho (Rat boss) – what Monkey always calls me

And wear it as a T-shirt. So there’s no confusion about what to expect.


Nezumi Bancho T shirt

Author: yukirat575

I'm a writer and comic artist. I write stories about a few issues that have been a revelation in my adult life, including: - Relationships and mental health - Animal well-being - Dungeons and Dragons - Social change As a writer/editor who has been working in this world for years, I've had to come to terms over the years that nothing has prepared me for this world and how to survive in it with your soul intact. My fiction and creative work is an attempt to deal with the changes and the lessons that I wished were available to me much earlier in life.

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