Wrapping paper

My sister in law is two years younger than me, just had a baby and is working full time, but carves out time to create beautiful cards on Photoshop. Meanwhile I’ve never really been able to take the time to wrap gifts — it’s just not in my skill set, and I have no inclination to make things look outwardly nice for people.

It’s not just wrapping paper. Beautiful letter stationary and envelopes, lovely cards, this is not really my thing.

Recently, we exchanged gifts, and hers was neatly wrapped, and came with a card. In my case, I just handed it in a bag. Feeling a bit irresponsible, I tried to wrap it properly, but it just looked like a mess of tape and crumpled paper.



Author: yukirat575

I'm a writer and comic artist. I write stories about a few issues that have been a revelation in my adult life, including: - Relationships and mental health - Animal well-being - Dungeons and Dragons - Social change As a writer/editor who has been working in this world for years, I've had to come to terms over the years that nothing has prepared me for this world and how to survive in it with your soul intact. My fiction and creative work is an attempt to deal with the changes and the lessons that I wished were available to me much earlier in life.

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