F-finally done VanCAF!

Tears of joy! I’m done Van CAF! There were a lot of valuable lessons in it for next time for me.

Was it uncomfortable as hell when watching people flip through books and not buy them? Absolutely. But it made me all the more ecstatic when they did read decide to get a copy for keeps. It was all kinds of emotions in me for the last day, and I was so grateful when someone came up to me saying she’d kept an eye on my comics the whole time and wanted to trade. So much thanks to the organizers for letting me in despite my profoundly silly drawings and stories.

Rat Chronicles-VANCAF

Author: yukirat575

I'm a writer and comic artist. I write stories about a few issues that have been a revelation in my adult life, including: - Relationships and mental health - Animal well-being - Dungeons and Dragons - Social change As a writer/editor who has been working in this world for years, I've had to come to terms over the years that nothing has prepared me for this world and how to survive in it with your soul intact. My fiction and creative work is an attempt to deal with the changes and the lessons that I wished were available to me much earlier in life.

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