Happy birthday card

It’s a small discovery and this is definitely not the best example of my work but I learned while making Christmas cards for loved ones in December that this is the activity that relaxes me the most. Illustrating and creating small cards for people I appreciate in my life.
My mother お母さん gave me one of the most precious memories in my entire existence by saying how marvellous she found my drawings, (I drew one a lot more detailed than this one for her, putting into illustrations all the small objects that defined me and my brothers’ childhoods) and how they transported her to a dream-like world 夢の国みたい。For me that’s really the most precious gift I could have. To know that my art isn’t meaningless, that it does do something for someone.

And now, after 4 hours of sleep , I’m going to find a good gift for her birthday.

Author: yukirat575

I'm a writer and comic artist. I write stories about a few issues that have been a revelation in my adult life, including: - Relationships and mental health - Animal well-being - Dungeons and Dragons - Social change As a writer/editor who has been working in this world for years, I've had to come to terms over the years that nothing has prepared me for this world and how to survive in it with your soul intact. My fiction and creative work is an attempt to deal with the changes and the lessons that I wished were available to me much earlier in life.

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